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Schools In Gujarat

Gujarat is also home to some of the prestigious educational institutes of the nation. The Education department of the state pays special attention to the improvements of elementary education in Gujarat. Gujarat is also developing at an impressive rate since the last few decades. The literacy rate of Gujarat is 79.31% as per the census report of 2011 which is higher than National average literacy 74.04% of India. Gujarat has a wide variety of industries and is considered one among the best industrialized states of nation. It is also home to some of the prestigious education institutes of the nation. It was ne state which seemed extremely implementing The Right to Education (RTE) Act, 2009. The computer Aided Learning (CAL) creates an environment, where learning and assessment is fun and the opportunities to learn is equitable among the rural and urban children. In Gujarat, there are 20502 schools providing computer labs across the state. In Gujarat, the enrolment in government schools is pretty high and it stands 12th position in the country. Out of 40746 elementary schools in state, 33518 schools are run by the government management. There has been progress in implementation of the Right To Education ACT in the past few years but children are still dropping out, not for labour but because they are not learning anything in schools. Now India should make extraordinary progress to increase the elementary education and bringing the children to school particularly those who are from the most vulnerable groups, it is logical to turn attention to retaining them through the elementary cycle.