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Schools In Telangana

Education plays a vital role in the existence of mankind and development of the society. Education is an important indicator by which we can analyse the progress of a society. Telangana states is far behind than other states in India. According to the 2011 Census, the National average literacy rate is 73%, inhere as in Telangana literacy rate is only 66%, i.e., 7% less than National Average literacy. Among all the states and union Territories, Telangana holds the 32nd position out of 36. But Telangana Government’s decision of introducing English as medium of Instruction in Government's schools has divided people. A lot of parents are getting attracted to send their children to schools only because they feel they will learn English. As expected the enrolment rate in government schools has shot up but the education experts think that despite the change in medium of instruction, it has had little effect on learning outcomes of government school students. The Telangana Government has taken up mapping of infrastructure availability in government run schools and Colleges across the state with a view to structure the functioning of these educational institutions by required infrastructure.


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