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With so many options, how do we choose the school ?

There is indigenous production of Infantry Combat Vehicles(ICVs), at Yeddumailaram in Medak District. In a record time we have productionised one of the best Infantry Combat Vehicles in the world known as SARATH for the Indian Army. 

The value of Yeddumailaram school education is to ignite the spark that develops creative thinking skills and the value of reasoning for yourself. The yeddumailram school Education teaches and prepares children and youth to meet the future needs to function in a society not only academically, but emotional, socially, spiritually and economically. Education gives you the power to believe in yourself and the knowledge to feel accepted value and love. Parents are the first educators to developed this confidence and self esteem to believe in education, letting kids know that every child is smart, capable of reaching their dreams and goals. Teachers are the other part this puzzle; they need to believe that every child is teachable and set high expectations for them and for themselves


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