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With so many options, how do we choose the school ?

Kollapur is located in Mahabubnagar district of Telangana. Kollapur is famous for a wonderful palace and numerous temples. Kollapur, along with Jetprole & Somasila is an ideal weekend getaway near Hyderabad.

The mahboobnagar school programmes provides increased focus on core skills such as reasoning, analysis, research and leadership, Which are fundamental to students' Continued success. The teachers are not only watchful over academic results but also provide pastoral care assisting students' emotional development on their path towards the later stages of their education Again, our small class sizes foster a truly supportive and personalised environment that is critical during these decisive years.

The journey from primary school classes to the next stage in schooling, raises new challenges in a student's academic career. On reaching their middle school level, children participate in a cyclic academic schedule of learning, assimilation and retention by way of regular tests that strengthen the foundation of knowledge acquired in primary classes and forms a bridge to senior school curriculum. In these more senior stages, the students demonstrate an increasing openness and learning and assist their development through cultural projects, exploratory programs. Students participate in project-based activities and in-group presentations. They learn to apply critical reasoning and strategies in problem solving. Students have the opportunity to participate in leadership activities and structured classes.


Admissions Open 2024-25



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