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With so many options, how do we choose the school ?

Ramagundam is known as City Of Energy. It is a city in the Karimnagar District of Telangana. It is situated on the banks of River Godavari at an average elevation of 179 metres above sea level. Ramagundam is the third largest city in Telangana after Warangal and Hyderabad. 

Ramagundam schools aims to inculcate a research-driven curriculum to the daily learning schedule of the little ones using technical aids. It provide core preschool education while fostering life skills at a young age to nurture the roots of the toddlers with value-based learning.

The Playschools of Ramagundam city consists of a child-oriented environment with specialized teachers for a better learning and fruitful day at kindergarten. It have a multilayer set-up of programs, starting from playgroup, Nursery, Lower Kindergarten to Upper Kindergarten and also high schools. The schools of ramagundam provides a complete package of Montessori programs for tiny tots ranging from 2 to 5 years of age and complete practical knowledge of high school children. 

They have a definite curriculum for all the levels and provide designated admission kits for little ones at the time of admission. Catering to various divisions of the society and being one of the top schools in India, they’ve made the school education affordable and available to every child looking forward to having a better tomorrow!

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