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Schools In Tamil Nadu

Literacy is the key for Socio-economic progress and it is an important indicator for human development According to the last censes reports recorded in the year 2011, Tamil Nadu boasts of a literacy rate of 80.33% which is a giant leap from 73.45% recorded in the census of 2001. The state government were granted authorities from the central government for the promotion of education by building several schools and centers of higher education in and around Tamil Nadu, today this state is a favourite place which is oftenly visited by a students for seeking higher and professional education. There are 65.47% of Government management schools and 34.27% of private managed school in Tamil Nadu. The problem, however, is more in terms of improving the quality of services being provided in schools. Tamil Nadu has already the physical infrastructure in place, it requires some additional effort to maintain and improve the existing infrastructure. Tamil Nadu is far better than other states. But it needs to pay greater attention to get all the children from the poor families and special focus groups into school, and to strive much harder to attain and sustain higher levels of quality in their primary schools.


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