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Schools In Haryana

Rate of literacy in Haryana, as per the Census of 2011 is 76.64% which is higher than the National average literacy rate of 74.04% .Its stands at a decent position, when compared with the literacy rate of other Indian states. Haryana is one of the enriched Indian state that speaks proudly about Agricultural excellence. Beside this, Haryana is concentrating to develop education to the next level. People of this region have realized the fact that it is the education that is the key source of development of society. The School education of Haryana is not lagging behind the other Indian States. There are around 10399 primary and 3838 Middle Schools in Haryana. Both Government and Private Schools are there in Haryana. The Major focus of the Annual Plan is to increase to accessibility of secondary education, especially for Girls and minority community and also to raise the quality of education in schools in various manifestations. Other major focus are:- 1. Up-gradation of schools to make the education more accessible especially to the weaker section and the society of schedule castes. 2. Addition of more classrooms and other utility rooms like Art and Craft, Computer multimedia, Sports, library, storerooms etc. 3. Ensuring washrooms (Separate for girls, boys/Staff) and safe hygenic drinking water etc.