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Schools In Assam

In the North east Region of India, Assam occupies a distinct place in the field of education. The literacy rate of Assam is 73.18% as per the census report of 2011. Primary education constitute a very important stage of the entire structure of education. It is at this stage the formal education of the child starts and it is the foundation of the entire educational ladder. Primary education is Assam has passed through a long history of development since ancient times. A research also reveals that most of the schools are run by the Education Department of Assam and almost 15% of the schools are run by a single teacher and such schools under Department of Education have more than 60 students and need at least three teachers according to the norm set by the Right to Education (RTE) Act 2009. A news report of 2015 reveals that several recently provincialized schools have single-digit number of students. As per rules, the schools should have at least 30 students for provincialization. The present education system in Assam is not satisfactory with respect to modern competitive world. As 30% people are still illiterate and are lagging behind. Our country is politically, socially and economically affected due to this unequal distribution of Education. Lack of teaching aids, insufficient practically qualified teachers, and negligence of some important subjects and lack of adequate educational infrastructure fail to make human capital to a required extent in our economy which ultimately acts as one of the factors of poverty Unemployment problem. Therefore, Our education system should be changed to some extent to be Best with the modern competitive and technological world. The existing problems should be identified and accordingly strategies should be taken to solve these problems.