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With so many options, how do we choose the school ?

Schools in Nagaon

The city of Nagaon formerly known as nowgon. It is located in Assam about 120 kilometer from Guwahati. Nagaon is the most important city of Assam and it has various places to visit from National parks to historical monuments.

The schools of Nagaon fulfil mission by committing to:

1. Developing the students as multifaceted, responsible, and socially aware citizens who pursue their goals with passion and integrity.

2. Encourage students to participate in sports, the arts and extra curricular activities and create opportunities to excel outside the classroom

3. Attracting the best available faculty and staff and provide supportive working conditions and continuous training for optimum professional development.

4. Enhancing the learning ability and curiosity and self-motivation of the students

5. Providing the stakeholders a safe and nurturing environment.

6. Preparing the students to be global citizens by ensuring an international perspective for learning and promoting a diverse student body