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Schools in Nazira

Nazira is famous for its richness in Tea and Oil & Natural gas production. It is the hub of many Tea estates & gardens viz. Mackeypore, Geleky, Santok, Bihubor, Lakwa, Ligiripukhuri, Mezenga, Bamunpukhuri, Maduri Tea estate etc. Besides Tea and Oil & Natural gas, agricultural and allied activities play a pivotal role in the local economy.

Nazira also has a rich heritage for its historic importance and cultural diversity. The nearby Gargaon served as the capital of Ahom Kingdom for a long period of time.  The area under the Nazira Sub-Division is inhabited mainly by Ahoms followed by people of different cultural backgrounds.

The Nazira schools united by the joy of learning, excellence in achievement and development of character. The schools of Nazira inspire academic and personal growth in our students by encouraging inquiry, stimulating creativity and innovation, embracing cross-cultural and global perspectives, and fostering meaningful participation and service