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Welcome to School Survey

This flexible system allows parents to gather valuable feedback from their school community. Survey creation is simple, INschools team will share unique link to every school and that link can share to all school parents.

  • Schools using School Survey can collect results
  • anonymously and maintain data privacy.
  • School Survey is a data collection tool designed
  • specifically for Indian schools.
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    Get parents involved

    Student success starts at home. As a teacher or administrator, you’re only aware of what happens inside the classroom. By sending a school questionnaire to parents, you can understand the level of involvement they have with their children and how they interact with other parents.

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    How to use the parent satisfaction survey?

    Online education surveys are a smart way to get open, honest feedback. Educators the opportunity to share parents opinions will help keep your school on the road to success.

    Every parent’s desire is for their child to develop in a school that fosters their intellectual curiosity.

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    Register with School Survey

    We know that many schools may not have the time or resources to conduct such surveys on their own. So, we at INschools wish to lend our services to help schools get precious feedback from their children’s parents once a year through the parent satisfaction survey.