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Teachers are important to the Nation

INschools ambassadors help education analysis spread across the country.

Teachers play an important role in shaping a child’s thought process. Thereby, they have a long term impact on their career and the choices they make in life.

We need to understand the importance teachers have in a child’s life and the weight of impact their actions can have on students. This would place us at a stand where we are not ignorant of how critical it is to recognize, respect, and support every teacher that they may build a better society for the next generation.

Teachers are 'nation builders' and when armed with technology, they become valuable assets in taking educational standards one step forward. So for the first time in India, INschools community has taken the initiative to recognize passionate teachers that they may take the chance to build a better nation by becoming ambassadors of INschools. With experience comes wisdom and with INschools, teachers will get to have a better understanding of the teaching techniques required for the students of today’s world.

The teaching methodologies employed are already on the path towards improvement; they are more personalized these days. Historically, classrooms reflected more of a factory model of education, with desks arranged in rows and teachers delivering information in a passive environment which led to a stagnant relationship between teachers and students and also between the students themselves.

Fortunately, this approach is comparatively less common today. Teachers now routinely arrange innovative group activities that facilitate student-student interaction. The INschools community has responded to this approach with product strategies that aim to address the needs of multiple learning styles.

Overall, teachers can be very effective ambassadors. To maximize the benefits to the young people who are our future, we should add educators to the mix and listen to their needs that they may recognize the individual nature of students and enhance the learning environment, focusing on developing the entrepreneurs of tomorrow while not using schools that might be under-resourced as an excuse.

So, if you have a drive and interest in educational innovations and want to play a part in spreading effective teaching practices, we encourage you to become an INschools Ambassador. Help INschools spread education across the nation.

Please note that we seek people who are passionate about their local area or field of expertise. When you become an INschools Ambassador you will get to be a part of a passionate community and know the most interesting educational innovations and trends up to date.

What is expected from an Ambassador?


Identification of INschools Ambassador when it comes to local and national educational innovations with our research and community team.


Make connections between INschools innovators and local educators in order to reach out to a greater number of students.


Host local events and convene ‘local educational innovations' communities under your leadership. Reaching out to teachers can create a symbiotic relationship for good, one that forwards the learning process and prepares every child for a better and greater future.

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