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Schools In Tripura

Education plays a vital role in the life of every human being and also occupies an important place in the development process of a country and its growth. It is also considered as one of the most important indicators of development in a country according to quality of life approach. According to the Census reports of the year 2011, Tripura has a literacy rate of 87.75, which shows an upward trend from the entire literacy rate 73.19% recorded in the census of 2001. Women education is highly promoted in Tripura the government has introduced several programs to encourage more and more Women in the society to enrol in schools. At the Earlier stage, Drop-out rates of tribal pupils at different stage were always higher in Tripura that that of India as a whole. Similar pattern was revealed for the scheduled caste and general category of pupils. Later Tripura was found to be in better position in comparison to India as a whole during the period. In conclusion it can be said that though a good progress has been achieved in literacy and enrolment rates in Tripura. High drop-out rates among tribal students has been a matter of great concern for the state.