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Schools In Sikkim

In the early education in Sikkim, different modes of educational developments took place in the kingdom. The process was started with cultural education than social and industrialized education through religious places and it ended with the modern formal institutionalized education schools. Once Sikkim was exposed to external world there was a need for speedy adaption of modern education system to provide basic knowledge of outside world and to know how to face the new and diverse challenges. The rate of literacy in the state has seen a phenomenal rise from only 68.81% according to the 2001 census, reports to more than 82% i.e, 82.20% as recorded in the 2011 census counting. This is indeed a commendable rate achieved by a state that also boasts of a low rate of population. The facilities and the provision for the quality education bring maximum people under the ambit of education. Despite implementation of policies for the quality education by the state government from the ground level, a large number of private schools have come up in Sikkim.