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Schools In Nagaland

The pattern of development of education is general and the district of Dimapur in particular is presented. Dimapur is one of the most rapidly progressing towns in Nagaland and is known as the “Gateway of Nagaland “. According to census 2001, the literacy rate in the state was 66.59%. At present, Nagaland has a literacy rate of 80.11% as per the census 2011. So a change of 13.52% is registered. This only proves that the state has grown by leaps and bounds in the education sector. Education in Nagaland started only after the British took up the administration over India and it began with the Christian missionaries. After independence, the state has made rapid strides in the field of development, both in socio-economic sphere and artistic pursuits. The spread of education has been rapid and the state has made a remarkable progress in the field of education. Education in Nagaland is mainly provided by the state government and private schools. Both categories of schools follow a similar syllabus/curriculum and practice the same type of teaching. Nagaland today has sufficient number of schools and colleges, yet the state government has much to do in these institutions by way of building better citizens for tomorrow. Constant efforts are therefore needed to improve facilities available at these institutions, so as to allow them to absorb new ideas from all over the world and to staff them with men and women of vision, drive and a sense of mission.