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Schools In Karnataka

Karnataka situated in the southern part of India is best known for its rich educational background. It provide space for some of the prestigious higher learning institutions in India. Bangalore, the capital city of the state is a major educational hub and attracts students from all over India and abroad. According to 2001 census, the state has a literacy rate of 67.04%. The literacy rate of males is more than females in Karnataka. Later, the literacy rate has shown an upward trend of 75.06% as per the 2011 census. However, Bangalore the capital city of Karnataka have a literacy rate of 83.91% which is more that the overall state literacy rate. The state government has taken up a lot of initiatives for improving the scenario of primary education in Karnataka. Mid-day meals have been introduced in the government and aided schools in Karnataka to increase the attendance rate of Students. There are mainly three kinds of schools in Karnataka namely government schools, private unaided schools and private aided schools. But the Districts located in the North Eastern part of Karnataka have high school dropout rates, the major portion of it consists of girls. However, the Government of the state has also started taking up several initiatives for overcoming the situation and bring everything under control.