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Schools In Himachal-Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh has one of the highest literacy rates in India. It is a home to many educational institutions offering a wide variety of courses. The government is working constantly to prepare various plans to strengthen the education system of Himachal. Education rates among women are quite encouraging in this state. Himachal has a literacy rate of 83.78% as per the census report 0f 2011.The standard of education in the state has reached to a considerably high level as compared to other states in India. The state Government is doing sincere efforts to provide quality education to all the children as education is the fundamental right of every child. The purpose of education is to ensure that all student’s gain access to the knowledge, skills and information. Himachal has now became the first state in India to make elementary education accessible to every child in the state. The state government is also very keen to transform this state into an Education hub. For better education, the involvement and cooperation of educators, parents and community leaders is vital. In the end, it can be said that in order to achieve such as elementary education, adult education, health, food and employment should be interlinked and have a combined influence on the communities as a whole. The education system in Himachal Pradesh is focussing on better quality education for all. It is time for policies to start aligning with realities on the ground and for students of all ability levels to receive the education they deserve.