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Maximizing Your Experience

Are you a parent who is looking to talk to other parents or experts about the challenges of improving your child’s academic life? Are you looking to help others face the challenges of parenting and be helped to become better parents who can meet your child’s learning needs and help them stay motivated? Then, the INschools community is for you!

INschools school review

With the INschools school review, parents have a very powerful tool that helps them make that all-too-important decision about what school to enrol their child in. The school review enables parents to get past all the marketing and see how good a school really is.

Ask the experts

Parents can also reach out to experts through the “Ask the experts” service. Through this service, parents can receive the guidance they so desperately need and the wisdom they feel they lack in their parenting.

INschools forum

Parents can also be a part of the INschools forum and be a part of a meaningful dialogue about how we can bring out the best in our children.

School search

Looking for that perfect school that matches your preferences in every way? Use the INschools school search!

Parent questionnaire

INschools welcomes you to answer a questionnaire designed to help you assess the quality of your involvement in your child’s academic life. Thoughtful and reflective moms and dads will find this questionnaire to be a valuable tool that helps them improve their parenting.

Collaboration Benefits

Join the INschools community to benefit some wonderful services, and interact with others.