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Frequently Asked Questions

INschools is an initiative to empower parents and guardians in making informed choices on schools for their children. We have developed specialized services meant for Indian parents and schools who seek expert advice each year on some of life’s most important school decisions.

INschools is a unique initiative that brings Schools, Teachers and parents on one platform. It aims to improvise the overall quality of education system through open communication, transparent feedback, and credible ratings and reviews.

You may register with your personal email id and activate your INschools account with the activation link that will be sent by us.

Enter your child’s school name in search and add it to your profile. If the school is not listed, you can also add school name with basic details and continue to complete your profile.

Any parent, Teacher, Mentor with their child studying between K12 may register.

With INschools INDIA, we aim to bring parents, Teachers and schools on the same platform. For parents, this will be an opportunity to voice their opinions, concerns, and issues while for schools, this will be a great medium to connect with their peers and parents and work together to improve overall quality of education.

No, you will have to register with two different login IDs.

Once you have successfully registered in INschools.in, a registration successful page will display and you will receive confirmation mail.

You may send an email to pr@inschools.in from your school’s mail id. Our team will send login credentials for you to register.

Schools can have access to the following:

A. Inbox (You can receive and reply to emails from your respective school parents.)

B. School Survey (School can activate at any time.)

C. School Review (As there are number of criteria points for reviewing a particular school, schools can choose to activate/deactivate as per their existing facilities.)

School survey will be conducted once in a year with respective school parents. The result will be displayed on school’s profile.

It will be conducted once a year and school can choose to activate the school survey.