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Schools In West-Bengal

Education in West Bengal has always played an important role in the development of education infrastructure of the country. Educational environment of West Bengal was always was very rich. West Bengal has a literacy rate of 77.9% according to the 2011 census and 68.2% as per 2001 census. It was 57.7% in 1991 and 48.6% in 1981, it shows an increase in the rate of literacy. This has been possible at large due to the campaign on total literacy and schooling for all children to achieve the goal of "Education for all". The School education in West Bengal tries to ensure education for all children, reduce the drop-out rate and provide qualitative education. Education system in West Bengal has gone through a drastic change to provide quality education to every student. Authorities have enforced the rule of "Aggregate marking" technique to measure Student's level of knowledge. These ideas have increased momentum of development, which is proceeding to give a new face lift to the education system. In spite of improvements in the enrolment ratios and drop-out rates, participation rates at various levels of education are undoubtedly low, and need to be raised very substantially.