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Schools In Rajasthan

Education is the backbone of society. It is the only way to make advancements in areas including technology, business, economics, peace, social justice and human rights. According to the 2011 census, Rajasthan has 67.06% of the literacy rate across India. Which is much lower than the National average of 74.04%. This state is focussing in developing the educational system through various forms. The rate of literacy is increasing in Rajasthan more than ever and it is less in the rural areas than the urban regions. The State Government is taking steps to increase the rate of education level. The School education system in Rajasthan is improving. In fact, advanced educational procedure is used to raise the overall education standard. At present, the school education system of Rajasthan has advanced a lot in comparison to the past, and the goal was also to increase the rate of female education. More schools are being built in the state for spreading education to all, even the marginalized. As part of this objective, Rajasthan's Government planned to improve and expand comprehensive early childhood care and education, especially for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children. If one observes carefully, the Indian Government has concentrated only on primary education, ignoring the rest of the goals.