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Schools In Punjab

The recent revolutionary ripple in education system of India is touching and transforming the infrastructure of education and knowledge throughout the country. Punjab is one of the few states in India that has been in the most important position of Education. The literacy rate of Punjab, According to 2011 census is 77% with the help of Government's plan and co-operation with state authority, Almost people of Punjab have gained education. The literacy level as per the 2011 census report was 69.7% which was lower compared to the National average 74.04%. Punjab Government education goal was to achieve 100% enrolment & retention and to provide not just free but most importantly quality education. * Children start developing their language and Communication skills below the age of five. *Children especially in lower areas do not have access to early appropriate education. *Students struggle to deal effectively with formal education which lead them to drop from schools. The Government of Punjab in focussing on physical development, cognitive development, Communication and language development. There well-devised plans are advancing education in Punjab to a newer level.