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Schools In Pondicherry

Pondicherry is one of the most beautiful cities of the country. One of the major educational hubs of the region, Pondicherry houses some of the best and prestigious centres of higher studies in India. The quality education system of the union territory and the presence of international standard colleges and educational institutions attract students from all over the world and obviously from all corner of the country. All these factors have taken Pondicherry education to new heights. Several projects and educational schemes launched by the government, aims at improving the condition of education in the state. Like other states and union territories of India special attention is given to primary education in the state. The average literacy rate in Pondicherry is 86.55% as per 2011 census as compared to 81.24% in year 2001. This rate of literacy in the Union Territory is itself remarkable being higher as compared to the average rate of literacy in India. Education system in Pondicherry is quite advanced. The government of the Union Territory gave special importance to education and has done a lot to get the field in focus. The dropout rates in Pondicherry schools is comparatively less than many other states and union territories in India.


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