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Schools In Odisha

Odisha as a state has made great stride in the field of universalisation of Primary Education. The state government is committed to the universalisation of elementary education in the state with the aim of fulfilling the constitutional obligation with the assistance of central Government. This can be resumed from the improvement in the literacy rate of the state. The Education sector in Odisha was rather neglected and undeveloped even a couple of years ago, when the state government authorities did not pay attention to its development. The condition has however improved over the years with several private learning centres being constructed in the state. Today, Odisha is one of the prominent knowledge hubs of India. Odisha has fared reasonably well in terms of literacy rates. According to the census reports of 2011, Odisha has achieved a literacy rate of 73.5% (just behind of the national average of 74.04%) which is a whooping rise from the 2001 literacy rate of 63.08%. However, Odisha is still characterized by a conservative society and therefore not many women residing in the state are literate. The central and state government have introduced several plans that are working towards empowering the women of Odisha and teaching them the benefits of education especially in the tribal regions. Education needs constant supervision, monitoring and tracking of children and also reducing the dropout rates and in these field the role of the government and government officials are manifest.