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Schools In Manipur

Manipur, which is often known as "Jewel of India" owing to its picturesque landscapes and tranquilizing ambience is also an improving educational hub in the country. The literacy rate in Manipur according to census 2011 is 79.85% .It is 86.49% in case of Males and 73.17% in case of Females. Manipur accepts by several strategic educational norms formulated by the central as well as State government that has shown remarkable improvements in the evolving years. One of the strongest notions that people of Manipur believe pertaining to education is that it should essentially be society oriented in addition to being student oriented. As far as school education is concerned, the Department of Education looks after it. One of the main causes of concern is that the rate of school drop-outs in Manipur is comparatively higher as compared to other states in the country. The Education department in the state is responsible for inspecting, Supervising, preparing the syllabus chalking out the course curriculum and also prescribing the textbooks for different schools. But due to lack of job Opportunities with very little industries or openings in Government department, educated youths have no choice but to migrate to other states in India Mainland.