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Schools In Madhya-Pradesh

Education is the fourth necessity for man after food, clothing and shelter in today’s world. It forms the basis for lifelong learning and inspires individuals with the confidence to face challenges. Madhya Pradesh education system is very well developed. Madhya Pradesh has schools for polytechnics, industrial arts and crafts, music, etc. Moreover, there are 12 state universities. It is for this reason that education in Madhya Pradesh is very well organized and is systematically divided into distinct levels. The state of Madhya Pradesh in India is one of the oldest centres of learning in the country. According to the census reports released in the year 2010, Madhya Pradesh was having a literacy rate of 64.11% and it achieved a literacy rate of 70.63% in the survey conducted in the year 2011. Therefore, Madhya Pradesh stands very close to the country’s literacy rate which is 74.04% as per the census report of 2011. Hindi is the preferred medium of instruction in the government schools and colleges of Madhya Pradesh. English is used as the language of communication between students and teachers in private institutes. The Madhya Pradesh society has been a male dominated society since time immemorial and hence the number of literate women in the state had always been low. In last few years, the Madhya Pradesh education system had introduced various workshops and training sessions to influence those dropouts from school and colleges to take up study once more. The Madhya Pradesh education department has also accepted the challenge of building a strong infrastructure to facilitate easy and smart learning amongst its students through the use of various modern technologies.