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Schools In Lakshadweep

Arabian Sea, Lakshadweep is a popular destination for education, with its high literacy rate as per the 2011 census. This ranks third in terms of literacy in the country as per the 2011 census. At that time, the average literacy rate of Lakshadweep was 92.28%. Lakshadweep have taken steps in bringing up the literacy rate. They adopted Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, which was an initiative by the government of India, to provide elementary education to all children from the age group of 6 year to 14 years. Earlier, education in the islands was confined to the teaching of Quran in schools attached to the mosques. In these schools called madrassas, the Malayalam language was also taught in Arabic scripts. Only few could read and write and neither their isolated position nor any of their avocations made much call for education. Primary education was initially imparted by the Islamic institutions in mosques and madrasas. Amini was the first island destination to see a government school in Lakshadweep. After the States reorganization Act in 1956, Lakshadweep has come up in big way with a string of schools for elementary education. Many of these primary educational centres are still functional while some have closed down. The rise in number of educational institutions from year to year led to Lakshadweep being a favourite educational destination.


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