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Schools In Jharkhand

According to census report 2011, the literacy rate in Jharkhand is 67.63% which is 7% less than National average literacy (74.04%). Education has always been a priority in Jharkhand and some of the reputed seats of learning like Indian school of Mines and Birla Institute of Technology can be found in this state. The Jharkhand education project council popularly known as JEPC has been assign the responsibility of encouraging the elementary education in the state. Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC) was setup so that it could look into matters related to organizing examinations. The state has formed the Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC) and Jharkhand Education Project Council (JEPC) to promote and encourage higher education in the state. There are few identifiable factors that are beings worked upon by the Jharkhand government. They are minimizing poor attendance, Non enrolment and school dropouts. The inadequate infrastructure and the lack of teachers affect the quality of teaching. The question of teacher’s attendance is taken more seriously than the lack of basic amenities by the parents. Many of the parents complained that teachers frequently remain absent from school.