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Schools In Jammu-Kashmir

Literacy Rate in Jammu and Kashmir has seen upward trend and is 68.74% as per 2011 population census. As the literacy rate was 55.52% in the year 2001. Education should remain always in a constant flux. However the change should come at gross root level rather at surface level. School Education in Jammu and Kashmir has many issues and challenges at gross level. In a conflict area like Kashmir, student suffer the most .Almost every student in Kashmir resents the state's educational system. The irregular system, as well as constant conflict has pushed many student into depression or other mental health issues. Many teachers in Kashmiri schools and colleges do not have the required qualification to be hired for a teaching position. From the very beginning, schools do not provide students with a solid foundation of learning and understanding, which carries forward through the rest of their education. People from all our the world flock to Jammu and Kashmir to enjoy the state's natural beauty , but the poor educational set up here discourages students from travelling to Jammu & Kashmir to seek admissions in its school and colleges. We should bring structural changes in education system by making government schools education more attractive in terms of infrastructure and quality. This is only possible when we bring sound educational laws, acts and rules into access.