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Schools In Delhi-NCR

Delhi directorate of education is one of the India's largest school education system. It is the department under the education ministry of Delhi Government that manages the city's public school system. Delhi Government has made several efforts for the growth of education in Delhi. Recognizing the importance of education, the Government of Delhi is spending about 10% of its total plan allocation on Education sector. The literacy rate was 81.82% According to 2001 census. But As per the year 2011 the literacy rate has increased to 86.3% which is much higher than National Average literacy rate (74.04%). Delhi's school were never been popular for their good infrastructure for many years, Delhi school's even didn't have proper school buildings which forced the student to attend the classes in open or in temporary tin-shades. But since last 15 years, the condition have changed and with efforts of Directorate of Education many school have received well architecturally developed State of the art building and other infrastructure. The existing education scenario is not one to be proud of. May be the time has come for the government to involve the general public in the management of its schools, those who have a fairly better idea of what is needed to bring about a change in the education system and more importantly, those who are willing to bring about the change.