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Schools In Dehradun

Education system of Dehradun is fair and effective. There are various types of academic training institutes in the area that have contributed a lot in providing better education to each student residing in the particular area. The top standard schools are winning the mind of various parents located at the destinations. The population of Dehradun has also gone up and it is in order to meet the demand for education in the Union territory that the central government has proposed the installation of schools and colleges in the area. It is a known fact that the basic education starts in the schools. The school education builds the moral foundation of a person. To improve the standard of an area, good schools are the primary requirements. The Dehradun education department is aware of the fact and they have more stressed on establishing more and more schools in Dehradun. It is primarily because of these reasons that the literacy rate of Dehradun has been recorded 77.65% According to the census report of the year 2011. The earlier census report published in the year 2001 shows literacy rate of 57.63%. The increase in the literacy rate by more than 20% is not only an achievement, it is the best ever seen in India in the recent past. Education imparted in the schools and colleges of Dehradun put more stress on practical knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge.


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