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Schools In Changlang

Changlang in Arunachal Pradesh is unique in its natural beauty, culture and tradition. Located in a picturesque valley and surrounded by scenic mountains. Changlang amazes you with its stunning variations in Altitudes. With lush greenery everywhere, you get to view some of the best landscapes. The schools of Changlang aims to • encourage the development of personal values, ethics and a sense of justice; • practice respect, appreciation, compassion, and acceptance of diversity; • use community meetings and consensus to make decisions about learning, justice, governance, and relationships; • accepting responsibility for one’s own actions as they affect other individuals and the immediate and global community; • engaging actively in multi-cultural experiences; • participating in and contributing to the social, political, environmental and economic life of the various communities that touch the lives of the learners; • exploring the benefits of diversity in the human and physical world.


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